Learn more about the past and current projects and organizations that have received Sparkplug grants.

Grant Cycle Project or Organization Summary Amount Website
2022 Spring National Students for Justice in Palestine NSJP will use Sparkplug funding to advance the creation of the first-ever Students for Justice in Palestine National Network via supporting the 2022 NSJP Steering retreat. This retreat is vital to our organization’s ability to plan, organize, and strategize the launch of the National Network project in the coming year. $10,000 Website
2022 Spring IntegrateNYC Responding to COVID-19 and political changes in NYC, IntegrateNYC youth leaders designed and carried out a youth-led Listening Tour to hear students’ needs in school. Student leaders will compile, share and implement learnings from the Listening Tour into a youth-led campaign to advance the movement for school integration. $7,500 Website
2022 Spring Palestine Resource Hub The Palestine Resource Hub (PalHub) will deliver a curated, continuously expanding, user-friendly search engine & database of resources on Palestine including infographics, videos, articles, fact sheets, podcasts, primary sources, books, etc. PalHub will be fully filterable by type of resource, intended audience (ie. academic, general education),language, and topic. $15,000 Website
2022 Spring LunART Chamber Music Collective The LunART Chamber Music Collective is a high octane group dedicated to performing music by women composers embodying LunART's mission of supporting and promoting women's creativity in the arts! This group produced a full-length album by women composers whose works were premiered at the annual LunART Festival 2022. $5,000 Website
2022 Spring Arab American Action Network (AAAN) The AAAN’s Youth Leadership Team’s (YLT's) Campaign to End Racial Profiling is a mass, community-based, direct-action campaign led by high school youth. It focuses on ending the tools and policies that federal, state, and local law enforcement use to target members of the Arab and Muslim communities of Chicagoland. $15,000 Website
2022 Spring Visualizing Impact Visualizing Palestine’s Outreach Program will explore new visibility opportunities of its data-led educational resources that advance a rights-based narrative on Palestine. The Outreach Program will focus on exploring different types of content, testing online and offline strategies to grow VP’s audience, and building a network of partners, influencers and members. $10,000 Website
2022 Spring Youth Activism Project Youth Activism Project’s (YAP) program Maryland Students for Educational Equity (MSEE) is a student-led movement to ensure all Maryland public schools are a liberatory space where all students, regardless of background, can build critical consciousness about the world around them and reach their full potential. $10,000 Website
2022 Spring Xicanx Institute for Teaching & Organizing XITO and the Teach Palestine Project will collaborate with K-12 teachers on the development of site-based Ethnic Studies curriculum that links US history and current reality to Palestine. We will also share grassroots organizing skills critical to strengthening the struggle for antiracist, decolonial and liberatory classrooms that include Palestine. $15,000 Website
2022 Spring Firelands Workers United / Trabajadores Unidos “Building Narrative Leadership in Rural WA” is a new collaborative project to develop grassroots narrative leaders and local media platforms to reclaim our story in the rural West by elevating the stories of rural workers uniting to build a just, resilient and green economy in rural WA state. $7,500 Website
2022 Spring SACA - Seattle Arts & Culture for Anti-racism SACA exists to dismantle how white supremacy shows up in the arts and culture sector by advancing and supporting anti-racist learning, action and accountability in Seattle and beyond. SACA provides intersectional, anti-racist programming for 40+ regional organizations including monthly discussion groups, affinity groups, panels, workshops, and mutual aid. $10,000 Website
2022 Spring I'lam - Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development, and Research “Shufo Ma’ana” is a platform which promotes the critical and active consumption of media among Arab students. It provides Arab students with educational and entertaining content when it is lacking in the education system in Israel, and provides them with practical tools to produce their own content. $15,000 Website
2022 Spring Health Justice Commons Health Justice Commons’ political education and leadership development work centers health and disability justice and exposes the Medical Industrial Complex’s oppressive histories and current practices. We bridge education and action by preparing new leaders, engaging in cross-sector movement building, and recruiting for our mutual aid project, the Radical Telehealth Collective. $20,000 Website
2022 Spring Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice Our organizers are implementing a new training curriculum that uses popular education to facilitate discussion and learning around voting rights history, U.S. governance, and the impact of civic engagement. Workshops will be conducted with Latinx, African, and Afro-Caribbean immigrant communities across the state. $20,000 Website
2022 Spring Worcester Youth Cooperatives Worcester Youth Cooperatives runs a peer-leadership program in which young people train one another in the skills and methods of organizing cooperative solutions to social issues they care about. In doing so, they form a community of practice demonstrating that youth are the PRESENT, not just the future. $10,776 Website
2022 Spring Comunidades Enraizadas Community Land Trust, Inc. Comunidades Enraizadas Community Land Trust (CE-CLT)resists displacement and builds power through community land ownership and permanent affordability. Funding from the Sparkplug Foundation will be used to support CE-CLT as we develop the infrastructure and capacity to acquire property, partner in development, and build a strong membership base. $20,000 Website
2022 Spring FANG Community Bail Fund The FANG Community Bail Fund is seeking to prioritize the leadership and organization of formerly incarcerated people by paying them stipends to organize with us. We are also planning a mass bailout action, incorporating post-release support organizations to demonstrate our community’s ability to care for itself without prisons. $15,000 Website
2022 Spring Tenant Education Network Tenant Education Network (TEN) believes that tenant unions can be organized like labor unions, winining collective bargaining agreements with landlords, bringing power to the progressive movement. TEN is developing a webapp to support our organizing process, which combines rigorous documentation of issues with tried and true labor organizing tactics. $12,000 Website
2022 Spring Shoruq Organization The project aims to develop the knowledge, research and critical-thinking skills of refugee youth through various mediums, including open discussions and public debates. Also, to provide them with tools to analyze policies and assess their political, social implications, and prepare them to propose solutions that can improve their status quo. $7,500 Website
2022 Spring Teachers Unite A project to win a multi-pronged advocacy campaign and grow student access to restorative, robustly staffed public schools. $10,000 Website