Learn more about the past and current projects and organizations that have received Sparkplug grants.

Grant Cycle Project or Organization Summary Amount Website
2023 Spring FARE | Food Access Raises Everyone FARE will build a cross-city network of grassroots leaders who are working to address food apartheid in their respective neighborhoods. The network will create space for mutual support, collective advocacy, learning and innovation that will support these leaders as they identify solutions that support food justice in their communities. $15,000 Website
2023 Spring SOS Worcester SOS (Self-Determination, Outreach, and Survival) is a collective of people experiencing homelessness and surviving the opiate pandemic, and their proven allies, based in Worcester, MA. We fight for survival and self-determination through mutual aid, direct action, and community building. $10,000 Website
2023 Spring Encampment for Citizenship/Pesticide-Free Soil Project The pesticide spraying campaign includes training parents (many of whom are farm workers) and junior and high school students on how to report pesticide drift as well as to advocate to the school board, city and state representatives and community members to eliminate toxic pesticide spraying near school sites. $15,000 Website
2023 Spring Social Justice PolitiCorps "Social Justice Where You Are" is the name of this campaign. We meet people where they are physically through our canvassing and online through an interactive experience that will guide people to the type of civic engagement that most works for them. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring Wollman - Brea - Baitel Trio The Wollman-Brea-Baitel Trio will commission five new works by composers from underrepresented racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds in order to start a conversation about the disconnect between the rhetoric of the U.S. (American Dream, Land of Opportunity, etc.) and the lived experiences of many Americans from marginalized groups. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring Be A Hero Education Fund Be A Hero is building a national grassroots base of healthcare consumers who will fight to make a more just, more equitable, and more humane health care system a reality in the United States. Through this project we will launch a new grassroots-powered campaign to protect Medicare from corporate greed. $15,000 Website
2023 Spring Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents PHAR will organize a tenant union in Crescent Halls; a public housing high-rise for predominantly Black seniors and people with disabilities. Residents were relocated for 18 months for rehab of their building and are now residents are eager to build a strong, supportive community organization to advocate for their rights. $10,000 Website
2023 Spring Rawa Fund This project supports Palestinian grassroots visions of a self-supportive, sustainable ecosystem for community work, liberated from donor conditions. Rawa will convene grassroots initiatives to “learn from the ground” at both a West Bank village with exemplary youth/community organizing, volunteerism, social solidarity, and community philanthropy, and a similar site in Gaza. $10,000 Website
2023 Spring Capital Tea Capital Tea is igniting Florida’s first and only Black Transgender Safety network and Safe House coordination plan. Our work mobilizes the Trans Community through deep relationship-building and strategic planning that will develop mutual aid circles and resource-sharing groups across the state and fill major gaps in income, wellness, and joy. $15,000 Website
2023 Spring Land in Common Land in Common is putting forward a statewide call for land redistribution. This work brings together many Black and brown communities working in solidarity, seeking gifts of land that will provide long-term housing, subsistence, and land connection for people of color in Maine. $10,000 Website
2023 Spring YA-YA Network YA-YA's Action Committee organizers, ages 15-19, are helping school communities resist metal detectors installed by the NYPD. By protecting the rights of students to refuse scanning procedures, and collaborating with school staff, YA-YAs are helping replace carceral infrastructure with restorative justice and changing the narrative of what safety looks like. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring W.E.B. Du Bois Movement School for Abolition and Reconstruction The W.E.B. Du Bois Movement School seeks to make the promise of abolition—and the unfinished project of reconstruction—a reality, teaching young and formerly incarcerated organizers from communities impacted by police and mass incarceration across Philadelphia not only how to understand the world, but more importantly how to change it. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring People’s Justice Project To provide intensive training, mentorship, resources, and support to PJP’s inaugural Relate, Organize, Act, Reflect (ROAR) Fellowship cohort, which will build capacity for sustainable, community-based leadership powered by Black/Brown people impacted by state-sponsored oppression while growing the scale of our work and depth of engagement with our Ohio communities. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring PODER Emma Community Ownership PODER Emma seeks funding for part-time bilingual organizers to support ongoing community engagement and policy advocacy around the implementation of the 2023 Emma Community Plan (attached), which was developed through a participatory process. The organizers will also engage in outreach efforts to ensure an active, informed and strong community. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring UDW Resource Center The UDW Resource Center is a new workers center that provides a space for direct care workers to develop their leadership, primarily in the private home care sector, and to organize themselves for better wages and working conditions and for social, racial, and economic justice.The UDW Resource Center (UDWRC) is $10,000 Website
2023 Spring Friends of Friendship Park To stop the building of two 30-foot border walls in the San Diego/Tijuana area that will destroy theiconic location of Friendship Park. Stopping the walls is part of a long term effort to create a truly international park as is modeled at several parks across the US-Canada border. $20,000 Website
2023 Spring If Not Now Education Fund The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) exploits Jewish fear to maintain unconditional US military funding for Israeli apartheid and divide progressive movements. IfNotNow is launching local campaigns across the country to make it clear AIPAC has no place in our Jewish communities. $15,000 Website